Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to Make Mini Cakes at Home.

Recipes of mini cakes
Mini cakes confidently and quickly win the hearts of connoisseurs of confectionery. Cannot resist a sweet tooth before the true miniature works of culinary art. The weight of a baby is only 15 grams, but this tiny dessert is exquisite design and tender, melting in your mouth taste.

Mini cakes advantages among other desserts, for several reasons: 

Miniature cakes will decorate any holiday table with their originality, elegance and interesting design.

The tiny form can provide any number of guest’s dessert, when it is not necessary to resort to additional spending.

Whether someone will be able to resist this sweet product, because it is so attractive for tiny and did not even frighten the lady on a diet, or those people who are pretty cool for sweets.
Thanks to its size, mini cakes to avoid using more utensils or appliances.

Mini cakes are perfect for a children's holiday. Tiny, cute goodies on the holiday table will impress any child. They will also appreciate as there are kids, and older kids. In addition, mini cakes perfect solution for receptions. For desserts, "one tooth" perfect for such an event.

It is believed that the mini cakes can only create a professional pastry chef. It requires not only a lot of experience and skill in the culinary business, but truly golden hands jewelry work. However, even at home, you can create wonderful options for at least a miniature pastries. Perhaps they will be different from its design dessert restaurant, but is unlikely to be less tender and delicious.
A huge variety of mini cakes recipes exist today. We focus on the macaroon.

Some of the most popular and delicious miniature pastries steel macaroon. This French delicacy, which is made up of two cookies with a layer of chocolate. Cookies for this cake made from almond flour and proteins. Thanks to modern dyes by macaroon can transform any holiday table.

To prepare you need: 

¼ cup sugar
2 art. powdered sugar
1 Art. almond flour
2 tablespoons food coloring
100 m. chocolate spread

With mixer beat necessary proteins with sugar, until, until the mixture begins to hold the shape. Then you need to add food coloring and mix well.

Then sift the almond flour and icing sugar, then add the dry mixture to the beaten egg whites. SHOULDER need all mix gently.

Put the dough into a pastry bag (you can use the usual plastic). Cover the pan with paper baking and using a pastry bag to form the liver. In this state, they should be left for 20 minutes, the dough was covered with a shell, which will not crack during baking liver.
While cookies "income" should be Preheat oven to 150 degrees and bake send cookies for 15-20 minutes. After the cookies must be cooled and the flat side of the chocolate paste is applied and then glue the two halves. That's all! A delicious dessert is ready! They must be stored in the refrigerator.