Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to Cook Skewer with Kiwi at Home.

skewer sticks
Love the barbecue? And who does not like him. Especially since the summer - the most wonderful time for picnics. Weather disasters do not interfere with nature to enjoy, when the birds are singing, the flowers are fragrant. It's time to "get to the barbecue." And many are choosing to every weekend. Of course, during this time you will have time to try many types of meat, traditional pickles, most likely. Here you and can come to the aid of our recipe for kebab with kiwi. Yes, do not be surprised!
This fruit tart - great for making pickles. But before you start to prepare the marinade for barbecue pork with kiwi should know a few secrets. Here, as in most recipes, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the meat will be too sour and just fall apart (for some reason, explain below). So one medium kiwi fruit per kilogram of meat is enough. Meat should choose not dry, with fat, so your barbecue will be more succulent. Also, of course, pay attention to the freshness of the meat. It should not be dark or white spots, it is a sign not the first freshness. Generally Barbecue kiwi recommend to choose pork.

Skewer with kiwi. Marinade

Before you begin to prepare the marinade for barbecue pork with kiwi, should know one more feature of the marinade. Since kiwi contains the enzyme protein, this fruit is quite a strong impact on the meat and breaks it down to smaller fibers. So do not keep the meat in the marinade for longer hours, a couple of hours, or you can get a homogeneous mass of meat. And now you can go to the recipe for barbecue marinade with kiwi. In our case it is a marinade for barbecue with kiwi and lemon.

You will need: 

One kilo of pork;
One lemon;
One or two bulbs;
Hydrochloric, pepper and other spices to your personal taste.

The meat is washed, were dried and cut pieces of five by five centimeters around. Add salt and spices are available, stir. Now prepare the marinade for barbecue with kiwi and lemon. To do this, peel onions, three on a grater or mince. So do with lemon. The resulting mixture was stirred and poured to our prepared meat. We leave to marinate for 8-10 hours.

Before the trip, a barbecue, two hours we obtain our marinated meats and add to it grated on a grater or in a blender kiwi. In the longer term to keep the meat in a marinade of kiwi is not recommended. Now, our meat is ready! Regales his friends and loved ones and marveled at their new taste kebab kiwi. And do not forget a salad of fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs. Enjoy your holiday and a good appetite!