Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to Cook Skewer with Kiwi at Home.

skewer sticks
Love the barbecue? And who does not like him. Especially since the summer - the most wonderful time for picnics. Weather disasters do not interfere with nature to enjoy, when the birds are singing, the flowers are fragrant. It's time to "get to the barbecue." And many are choosing to every weekend. Of course, during this time you will have time to try many types of meat, traditional pickles, most likely. Here you and can come to the aid of our recipe for kebab with kiwi. Yes, do not be surprised!
This fruit tart - great for making pickles. But before you start to prepare the marinade for barbecue pork with kiwi should know a few secrets. Here, as in most recipes, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the meat will be too sour and just fall apart (for some reason, explain below). So one medium kiwi fruit per kilogram of meat is enough. Meat should choose not dry, with fat, so your barbecue will be more succulent. Also, of course, pay attention to the freshness of the meat. It should not be dark or white spots, it is a sign not the first freshness. Generally Barbecue kiwi recommend to choose pork.

Skewer with kiwi. Marinade

Before you begin to prepare the marinade for barbecue pork with kiwi, should know one more feature of the marinade. Since kiwi contains the enzyme protein, this fruit is quite a strong impact on the meat and breaks it down to smaller fibers. So do not keep the meat in the marinade for longer hours, a couple of hours, or you can get a homogeneous mass of meat. And now you can go to the recipe for barbecue marinade with kiwi. In our case it is a marinade for barbecue with kiwi and lemon.

You will need: 

One kilo of pork;
One lemon;
One or two bulbs;
Hydrochloric, pepper and other spices to your personal taste.

The meat is washed, were dried and cut pieces of five by five centimeters around. Add salt and spices are available, stir. Now prepare the marinade for barbecue with kiwi and lemon. To do this, peel onions, three on a grater or mince. So do with lemon. The resulting mixture was stirred and poured to our prepared meat. We leave to marinate for 8-10 hours.

Before the trip, a barbecue, two hours we obtain our marinated meats and add to it grated on a grater or in a blender kiwi. In the longer term to keep the meat in a marinade of kiwi is not recommended. Now, our meat is ready! Regales his friends and loved ones and marveled at their new taste kebab kiwi. And do not forget a salad of fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs. Enjoy your holiday and a good appetite!

Mushroom Soup with Mushrooms.

mushroom soup recipes
Very few people who did not eat mushrooms. Soup with mushrooms is great for vegetarians and people who are fasting. Due to the content of vegetable protein, mushroom soup nourishes the human body for a long time. Lightweight and low-calorie soup is well absorbed and is suitable for diets. The variety of choice allows you to enjoy a dish of mushrooms with porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms and many other species of fungi.

Positive properties of mushrooms are obvious, is: low-calorie foods, high content of protein and fiber, nutrients and vitamins, amino acids. However, it should be taken with caution for those who does not tolerate protein foods.

The secret to cooking the soup with mushrooms is time cooking mushrooms. Lay the mushrooms in the pan you need before you lay the potatoes. Cooking raw mushrooms should take 7-8 minutes, this time is enough to potatoes also reached readiness.

Classic mushroom soup with mushrooms
To prepare the classic mushroom soup with mushrooms must be:

1 small sweet onion;
500 ml chicken broth;
2 pieces of potatoes;
Ham 200g;
Herbs and spices.

In a skillet heat the ham must be sliced into pieces, or you can replace a good vegetable oil. The resulting oil put finely chopped onion. Mushrooms cut into slices and put a bow. After 3-4 minutes, add the broth, bring to a boil and add the diced potatoes. Season with salt, add spices and simmer soup until cooked potatoes. Before serving, add sour cream.

Dietary mushroom soup with mushrooms
To prepare the soup diet will need:

1 chicken breast;
1 piece of potato;
1 leek root;
1 PC. Carrots;
Herbs and spices.

First you need to do chicken breast: it is necessary to wash and cut into small pieces. Put the chicken in a saucepan, cover with water and cook until half-cooked. Peel and chop vegetables. Mushrooms must be cut into slices. For diet food fry vegetables do not need to, you can add them to the chicken, and then a little over medium heat until cooked potatoes. Dietary mushroom soup with mushrooms ready! You can beat the incidents blender and add a small piece of chicken and greens.

How to Make Mini Cakes at Home.

Recipes of mini cakes
Mini cakes confidently and quickly win the hearts of connoisseurs of confectionery. Cannot resist a sweet tooth before the true miniature works of culinary art. The weight of a baby is only 15 grams, but this tiny dessert is exquisite design and tender, melting in your mouth taste.

Mini cakes advantages among other desserts, for several reasons: 

Miniature cakes will decorate any holiday table with their originality, elegance and interesting design.

The tiny form can provide any number of guest’s dessert, when it is not necessary to resort to additional spending.

Whether someone will be able to resist this sweet product, because it is so attractive for tiny and did not even frighten the lady on a diet, or those people who are pretty cool for sweets.
Thanks to its size, mini cakes to avoid using more utensils or appliances.

Mini cakes are perfect for a children's holiday. Tiny, cute goodies on the holiday table will impress any child. They will also appreciate as there are kids, and older kids. In addition, mini cakes perfect solution for receptions. For desserts, "one tooth" perfect for such an event.

It is believed that the mini cakes can only create a professional pastry chef. It requires not only a lot of experience and skill in the culinary business, but truly golden hands jewelry work. However, even at home, you can create wonderful options for at least a miniature pastries. Perhaps they will be different from its design dessert restaurant, but is unlikely to be less tender and delicious.
A huge variety of mini cakes recipes exist today. We focus on the macaroon.

Some of the most popular and delicious miniature pastries steel macaroon. This French delicacy, which is made up of two cookies with a layer of chocolate. Cookies for this cake made from almond flour and proteins. Thanks to modern dyes by macaroon can transform any holiday table.

To prepare you need: 

¼ cup sugar
2 art. powdered sugar
1 Art. almond flour
2 tablespoons food coloring
100 m. chocolate spread

With mixer beat necessary proteins with sugar, until, until the mixture begins to hold the shape. Then you need to add food coloring and mix well.

Then sift the almond flour and icing sugar, then add the dry mixture to the beaten egg whites. SHOULDER need all mix gently.

Put the dough into a pastry bag (you can use the usual plastic). Cover the pan with paper baking and using a pastry bag to form the liver. In this state, they should be left for 20 minutes, the dough was covered with a shell, which will not crack during baking liver.
While cookies "income" should be Preheat oven to 150 degrees and bake send cookies for 15-20 minutes. After the cookies must be cooled and the flat side of the chocolate paste is applied and then glue the two halves. That's all! A delicious dessert is ready! They must be stored in the refrigerator.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hariri - A Hearty Soup - Moroccan Cuisine.

harira soup epicurious
Hariri - A Hearty Soup
Dish Type: Soup
Key Ingredients: Lamb Meal, Other
Theme: Winter, autumn
Cooking Time: 2:00
Servings: 8 or more

Hariri - Known specialty cuisine Maghreb, but how close he is to us, as in autumn warm and hearty looks this recipe! We have found copes with the role of Tajin - Specialty Moroccan Cuisine, and today we the role of local hostess - and make soup. Yes, the soup, but the soup special, Moroccan. Hariri! One portion of this dish can feed a whole regiment of office workers, so it is hearty and rich. But I have, as always, to tinker, despite the fact that I'm a little adapted the recipe for cooking.

Chickpeas (below - about the features)
Little lamb (400 grams, I had a ham)
Lentils, about one handful
Paprika powder
A piece of ginger
Chili pepper
Tomato paste
Tomato Pasatta (or more good tomato, peeled)
A little celery
Such a good beam cilantro (or parsley)
Clove of garlic
A little flour (2-3 teaspoons)
Salt, pepper, olive oil for frying

How to Prepare:
To begin with, when I was planning the recipe, I was going to use canned chickpeas, but here's the problem - my favorite store was closed for repairs, and so we had to operate conventional, dried chickpeas. If you find canned - you're in luck, and the soup can be cooked using only one. If, like me, do not - then soak the peas overnight. Need about 200 grams (canned - one bank, there is about 400 grams).

The first step is put to cook chickpeas. Cover with cold water, bring to a boil and simmer, periodically removing the foam. How Much? Well, half an hour, I guess. If using canned peas, can skip this step. While cooked chickpeas, finely chop the onion, chili and ginger. Select the program "Hot", add the olive oil and sauté the onion and chili. While fried, cut into slices of lamb on a centimeter or two. Add the meat to the onion and chili, fry for 5-7 minutes, then add the ginger, cook for 10 minutes more. Now peas. If you use canned, then drain the brine, rinse and let down into the bowl, then pour boiling water from the kettle. If you, like me, peas cooked.
There also send the lentils, add the spices - turmeric, paprika, cumin. While the soup is cooked, do the following: Clean celery and garlic and mix with the help of the blender into a homogeneous paste with tomato Passat.

Add to the soup. It's time to add salt and pepper. Now - thickening time. Mix using the same blender tomato paste, a little water and a bunch of cilantro (or parsley).  Intervene finished mixture into the soup with the help of the corolla, about five minutes until done.
Well, you can apply!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Chinese Offers Delicious Foods

Chinese food recipes and ingredients
There is doubtlessly Chinese restaurant CBD profit mouth-watering sustenance to its clients. You will discover various assortments in dishes there.

Without a doubt, Melbourne is remarkable for its different social conversion, collaborations and in addition mixes. This city is the capital of the State of Victoria and considered as one of decently created and crowded urban areas in Australia after Sydney. It is arranged in the regular inlet of Port Phillip. This city has a great deal to offer to the guests who come here on a visit. Guests can enjoy numerous sounds, vacation spots and tastes in this astonishing city. When you will enter in this city the first thing that ought to be craved by the guests is none other than sustenance and wine also. In the limits of CBD guests can discover Chinese restaurant effortlessly that are having attached to consuming Chinese sustenance.

This city is overwhelmed with each one flavor for distinctive tastes of the guests. More to the point, voyagers can discover various types of nourishments and the tastes which are according to the one's advantage out and out. Also, guests can discover various bistros, bars, laneway eateries, restaurants and bistros inside the CBD. Voyagers can likewise find diverse authority consumption ends of the line that are by and large at a separation from the city. One can discover Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Indian and Italian sustenance without breaking a sweat in this city. Albeit one can discover various restaurants that are giving great quality nourishment however Chinese restaurant CBD is putting forth flavorful and hygienic sustenance to its clients. There is most likely you will discover numerous mixed bags in their dishes.

There are various individuals all over the world who normally loves Chinese sustenance as contrasted with alternate nourishments. Furthermore Chinese restaurants make it workable for them to get the Chinese sustenance effortlessly. Most likely, Chinese sustenance is being favored by the greater part of the guests, nowadays. These restaurants are exceptionally mainstream in CBD with a specific end goal to offer inviting sustenance to the guests. In the wake of having a coveted and also merited dinner you can likewise exploit shopping in the CBD. As this spot is loaded with various laneway shops, creator shops and arcades so you can undoubtedly make a decent day by shopping here.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Eggplant Grilled with Sunflower.

eggplant grilled pizza
700 grams of eggplant
3 tablespoons olive oil
½ teaspoon kosher salt
¼ glass. Sunflower seeds

How to Prepare:
Thoroughly cleansed eggplant and cut into slices.
Brush them with olive oil then sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Then grill about 6-8 minutes, until it starts to brown nicely.
Then sprinkle with sunflower ±.
Grill for the last minute.
Number of Servings: 2

Chicken fillet in yogurt - 167 kcal.

Chicken fillet in yogurt
Chicken breast (boneless) - 400 grams;
Natural yoghurt - 170 ml;
White bread - 2-3 slices;
Cheese (grated) - 2-3 tablespoons;
Garlic - 2 cloves;
Olive oil - 2 tablespoons;
Basil (dried) - 1 tablespoon;
Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon;
Salt, ground black pepper - to taste.

Method of Preparation:-
What you need to do first is, in a bowl, mix the yogurt, salt, black pepper and basil (fresh or dried). Instead of basil, you can use any other herb which could give pleasure to your appetite. Squeeze the garlic and lemon juice.

Insert chicken fillet in the pan with the sauce. Leave the meat to marinate for at least 1 hour. Grind bread (no crust) in large crumbs. Add cheese, grated on a coarse grater and olive oil to the bread. Lay a baking dish with foil. Apply the sauce on foil chicken.

Sprinkle the fillets with a mixture of bread and then cheese.
Cover the form of foil, place in preheated 180 degree oven for 25-30 minutes. At last, remove foil and bake chicken for 10 minutes.